What we do

DRD4 is a new, fresh player in the music industry. We are an Independent Record Label, a Music Publishing House, a state-of-the- art Recording Studio, a Talent Management Agency, a live appearance Booking Firm, and a professional Event Planning team – all in one, and all based in Weinstadt, Germany. From creating and selling new music to helping artists and bands market themselves and their products and reach their full potential – on and off the stage, DRD4 is the ultimate “One Stop Shop” for success in the music business.

DRD4 is a gene found in human DNA which controls a part of the human brain called the “dopamine receptor D4”. It is the part of the human genetic code that is believed to give people certain personality traits, such as engaging in novelty-seeking and high-risk but “pleasure-rush” behavior. This so-called “adventure gene” gene has also been associated with addictive behaviors, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, criminal mentality and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

In short, if you have a certain DRD4 genetic sequence, you are a special kind of thrill-seeking, deviant personality – one who sometimes takes insane risks to experience the intense pleasure of living life to its fullest. That describes the experience at DRD4 Productions perfectly – people here just go for it, no questions asked.

So if you're an artist or a band looking for a team who will completely support you in the balls-out pursuit of pure talent, call us. We can help you achieve things you never thought possible.


Indie Label

DRD4 is a start-up Independent Record Label – a small company that creates and sells records but which is in no way related to or controlled by the huge international, corporate record labels.

We sign artists, produce and record their music, and then market and promote their work and talent to the widest possible market. We are very adept at internet and social media marketing, and strive to find new, creative ways to promote our clients and their products. Our goal is to remain a small, “boutique” label that finds a paying audience for the music and merchandise of the select few artists and bands we represent.

We are constantly looking for fresh, marketable talent. If you are an artist or a band looking for a small, independent label with a tight, second-family “feel” – contact us.


Who we represent

DRD4 is proud to represent the following talented artists and bands. Contact us to discuss booking and appearances.


Music Publishing

DRD4 is also an independent music publishing business.

Our job here is to first go through the tedious process of formally registering (and thereby protecting) our clients’ work. Then we work creatively to place our clients’ music in non-performance revenue streams, including but not limited to films, television shows, advertisements, ringtones and video games. Finally, we collect and distribute the royalties from the use of our clients’ work.

If you are an artist or a band with original, recorded music and are looking for a creative team to 'pitch' your song to advertising agencies, music supervisors who work in film and TV, and video game and ringtone producers, contact us – we can help. Our combined creative energies can bring unrealized new opportunities to artists both artistically and financially.

If you are an ad agency, or program or development supervisor looking for high quality, creative new music for commercial use, please contact us here.


Talent Management

Our diverse team can take over your burdensome management functions, freeing you to focus on your music.

We handle a wide variety of talent management tasks for clients, and our specific management “deals” with individual clients vary but include but are not limited to advising on decisions related to career moves, bookings, promotion, business deals, recording contracts, and finding and developing relationships with music producers, other record companies/labels and the music-loving public. For new artists, our primary role as talent managers is supporting the artist’s development and building their reputation, as well as a paying fan base.

Our work here may include mastering and launching a demo CD, developing and releasing press kits, planning promotional activities, producing music videos, and creating and managing a social network identity and “presence” (using platforms such as MySpace, Facebook, Beatport, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube).

So if you’ve got talent and want some solid advice on your music career, contact us. We can help.



DRD4 also acts as a booking agent for clients.

This involves our finding and booking live “gigs” at which our client artists get paid to play. If you are an artist or band looking to improve the quality and/or frequency of your live appearances, contact booking agent.  We’re confident that together, we can build you a workable – and profitable – concert schedule.


Recording Studio

To see it is to believe it! The DRD4 studio is a very unique place, designed to provide the world’s best recording options – but in a friendly, family-like atmosphere in the comfort of a residential neighborhood. Contact us to arrange a private tour.

This is where the post-production magic happens – a ca. 20qm asymmetrical room built around a brand-new, 24-channel Neotek Elan II analog board. Our control room has 3 visual monitors and a full MIDI keyboard integrated directly into the desk. Our extensive, rack-mounted outboard equipment and the industry’s best software give artists nearly limitless creative options. For a more detailed list of the equipment we have on hand for you every day, click here.

This is our main performance space – a ca. 20qm live room-within-a-room hardwood floors, decoupled walls and extensive acoustic treatments – but without a single right angle anywhere.

A place for creative teams to simply hang out and come up with new ideas.

There’s always something good cookin’ in the DRD4 kitchen.

Enjoy a break from the recording action and replenish your energy.

A complete change of scenery – for when artists need to get a fresh perspective on their project or just plain relax.

All wired and ready to play – DRD4’s Yamaha DC5XE3PRO Grand Piano. This is a concert-class instrument with a powerful and forceful presence, and an abundance of reverberation, and which also incorporates a highly accurate record-capable reproducing player system.

What can we say? Everyone’s gotta go sometime….

With the feel of a designer Italian hotel, artists can use the DRD4 Garden to unwind and get the creative juices flowing again. The DRD4 Garden – as well as every other DRD4 space – can be rented by the hour, the half-day or full day for video shoots and other special events. If you are interested in renting all or part of DRD4’s facilities, please see our Event Planning page below.


Our recording equipment

We have been very careful and specific with our equipment purchases, creating a tech environment that gives artists maximum creative flexibility from recording through final mix-down and mastering.  Here are some highlights from our tables, racks and closets.


  • Neotek Elan II - 24 Channels


  • Thermionic Culture “The Rooster”
  • Focusrite ISA 430, True Systems P2 analog


  • Neve 8803
  • Focusrite ISA 430
  • Thermionic Culture “The Rooster”


  • Thermionic Culture “The Phoenix”
  • 2x Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor
  • Universal Audio 2-1176 Urei
  • DBX 1046


  • RME M-32 AD
  • RME M-32 DA
  • Crane Song HEDD 192

Audio Interface



  • Lexicon PCM 96
  • Yamaha SPX 2000

Headphone Amps

  • Lake People G109
  • Tascam MH-8


  • Neumann KH 310
  • Yamaha HS 8


  • Neumann M 149
  • Neumann U 87
  • Neumann KM 184
  • Brauner Phantom V
  • BPM TB-95 Tube
  • Shure SM 7 B
  • Rode NT-5
  • Sennheiser MD 421 II
  • Beyerdynamic Opus 87


  • Apple Mac Pro 2x 2.93 GHZ Quad Core, 32 GB Ram


  • Universal Audio UAD-2 PCIe Quad


  • Cubase Pro 8
  • Wavelab 8.5
  • Pro Tools 11
  • Celemony Melodyne Editor 2
  • Synchro Arts Vocalign
  • Kush Audio Clariphonic DSP MK2
  • Lexicon PCM Native Reverb & Effects Bundle
  • Various Slate Digital-. Izotope- & Softube- Plugins
  • Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate

Who has recorded here

This is a list of bands and artists who have recorded in DRD4’s studio since we opened for business in May 2015. If you are on this list, we thank you! If we have overlooked you, or if you don’t want people contacting you through a link here, please let us know.



OneYear is a rock band based in Stuttgart, Germany. Their original music varies in genres from Britpop to blues to American country rock. They are currently working on their first album.


Numan Serin

Numan Serin

Numan is an established Turkish pop music singer. A television performance veteran, Numan’s many albums have been critically acclaimed, and his concert performances are spectacular.



MC Cenk

MC Cenk

MC Cenk is an up-and-coming German Hip-Hop artist. His rap beats are fresh, and his songs tell stories of gritty, real-life personal experiences.


Gismo Graf

Gismo Graf

Quite simply the best gypsy jazz trio anywhere.  22-year-old Gismo can play like no one else, and all “G3” CD and tours are hugely popular.


Berkay Irmak

Berkay Irmak

Berkay is a young Turkish pop singer. He brings an international flair to his songs, and gives his audiences an amazing show at every performance.




What it costs

Our recording studio pricing is very simple.

50€ per Hour

300€ per Day

How much time should you book?

Trust us – you should book by the day, not the hour! Booking a session by the day, rather than by the hour, is just better for everyone. We strongly recommend booking an entire day of studio time, but not because it makes the studio the most money.  It does not – in fact, we would make 200€ a day more if we charged you hourly! Booking a full day session is for the convenience of the artist – so you don't have to watch the clock, and so that we don't have to charge you an additional "lock-out" fee when you use more than one day in a row.

We define a day as the amount of time in which you, your band, and the engineer feel comfortable working – up to about 10 hours. Most full-day sessions usually start around 09:00 and continue until ca. 19:00 that same calendar day (ca. 10 hours later).  After 10 straight hours, everyone is tired, and no one performs well under these conditions.  If your project for some special reason will require a longer working day, please contact us in advance to discuss it.  We are sure that suitable arrangements can be worked out.


When you should book

We recommend booking your session at least a full month in advance – especially for longer sessions. But feel free to contact us, as there are always holes in the schedule here and there. If you need to cancel a session, please do it at least a week in advance so that we have a chance to fill the studio during all available times. If you cancel your session less than a week before it starts, a 50% cancellation fee will apply. If you cancel your session less than 48 hours before it starts, a 100% cancellation fee will apply. We understand that emergency situations come up, and we can generally accommodate any such situation. We only ask that you understand that we are running a business here. To book your session, please contact us.


When you should pay

You should arrive at the studio with the means to pay for your session (that means with cash in hand). If your band is coming from another country or if a third party is paying for the recording, then we will require a wire transfer for full payment of the session prior to the beginning of first day of the session. We do not accept bank debt cards or credit cards.


Event Planning

If you want a one-of-a-kind,  one-in-a-lifetime event, contact us. We can make magic happen.

One of the DRD4 partners, Vanessa Forcelli, has developed quite a reputation as a private and corporate event planner. If you have an event in mind, Vanessa and the DRD4 team can create, organize, and supervise every element for you. Please contact Vanessa directly to discuss your ideas.

Events such as:

  • VideoClip shoot
  • Professional offsite production
  • Release party
  • Sponsor events
  • Weddings

Who we are

Our culturally diverse, multi-lingual team is there for you – every step of the way.

Vanessa is a pop singer with a business management background – the perfect combination for someone running an Indie label and recording studio. Formally trained as a legal secretary, Vanessa has been the Office Manager for a large, international law firm for more than 14 years. She also ran her own specialty dessert and event planning business for 4 years. She is a driven business professional who takes her clients’ needs to heart and does her very best to exceed their expectations.

Vanessa is relatively new to the talent management side of the business. However, she is tenacious, and you wouldn’t want anyone else representing your interests in a talent negotiation. A mother of three beautiful, future artists, Vanessa is the driving force behind DRD4 and is its primary business manager and point of contact on a day-to-day basis.


Who our friends are

These terrific businesses have sponsored and/or otherwise supported DRD4 and its artists in their professional endeavors.  We strongly encourage you to do business with them!


How to reach us

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